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Computer repair is basically aimed at working towards your issue that you are currently experiencing and resolving it to get your computer up and running.

Setting up a new computer: –

This usually involves setting up your new computer which can be your laptop of desktop.  Installing the new operating system and configuring all you require software programs. Check the internet connects and set up the wireless LAN. Set up an email account of you have nay. Installing all the peripherals and checking if they work fine.

Computer repair Services

Kind of computer services offered by the repair companies:

  1. Computer repair- desktop and laptop
  2. Setting up a new computer
  3. Spyware, malware and virus removal
  4. Data recovery and data backup
  5. Home internet network setup, support and check.
  6. Software check, upgrades and removal
  7. Computer system upgrades
  8. memory space check and upgrades
  9. checking all the connected peripherals and workings

Spyware, malware and virus removal: –

If you feel your computer has been operating in a faulty way and you observe any changes in the performance, if your computer crashes suddenly or anything quite odd then there is a chance that the computer has been infected by a virus or a malware. The expert will locate the spyware in your system and permanently remove it.

Data recovery and data backup:

If you have lost your data and need expert help to recover it then it is a good time to call an expert and help you. The data can be lost due to any reason, like accidently deleting any files, if any of your peripherals is not working fine, if your hard drive has crashed. Data can also be lost in many cases like when the computer has gone through any natural disaster, power outage or the software has been corrupted.

The experts have a special data recovery tools to recover the lost data.

Home internet network setup, support and check or peripheral connection check.

If you have taken a new connection and need help in setting up the wireless network or the Wi-Fi for your home, then the expert may just help you get it done quickly and neatly.  Things like connecting and configuring the router and your other devices, test if they are working well and lastly secure the connection to avoid any corrupt usage.

Software check, upgrades and removal or Computer system upgrades or memory space check and upgrades:

For such service, the expert will do as the services say, like installing or upgrading as needed. He will also clean and troubleshoot any files and compress old files to improve memory issues.


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