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If your computer shows some error, or can’t handle the problem raised in your system finally leads to completely power off your computer these are all due to software problem or hardware problem. Handling computer problem is a task of identifying, troubleshooting and rectifying the problem. Computer problems caused not only because of hardware error it may be due to software error also as I said before. How far one can control the problem raised in computer is based on their handling if they handle the system hardly there may be chance of internal parts damage or if any software goes out of user control it could be corrupted that is also caused by user only due to mishandling the software or invading of virus through some portable device. If the problem occurred in your system is rectifiable then you can go through otherwise take your computer system to the technician who has sound knowledge about system repair.

Common Computer Repair

Many people faced this problem blue screen death it won’t arise soon but once it happens it means your system terribly in danger. A blue screen appears on your system screen with variety of code in white color try to reboot your system when you see this blue screen of death the recovery of this problem is may be missing of DLL files, software damage or hardware problem by analyzing the code appeared on the blue screen you will get an idea about your cause of blue screen death if you can’t rectify it contact computer repair technician. Sometimes if there is any corruption in DLL- Dynamic library link files then your computer behave abnormally.

pc repair

The DLL files have coding for basic actions which is every time you’re using it. If you are coming to know problem in DLL file then download and install it. Space problem is one of the main issues for example if you cannot install any application may be due to lack of space in your computer hardware by free up some space in your hard disk you get rid of lack of space problem. Another issue is application processing speed if your application running time is very slow this may be due to missing updates of your application or if you have space problem in your system this will be a cause of slow running application.

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